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dog paintings

All of my dog paintings are done in oils. The medium of oil allows me to adjust the body, translucency and sheen of the paint, therefore adding expression to each brush stroke in the pet painting. Oils can take quite some time to dry which gives me the ability to layer and move the composition within the dog painting. I start every dog painting with the eyes. The eyes show the spirit within, and portrays the distinct personality of a dog. From there the painting grows as the personality of each subject reveals itself on the canvas. Please contact me with your ideas so we can discuss them in further detail.

What My Clients Say…

I have to tell you that your portrait elicited many tears of joy. We both are thrilled beyond belief. I’m so lucky that I heard you speaking on that AM talk radio show many months ago. It is absolutely gorgeous. You should be proud of your ability to make people cry(the good kind). It’s been a true pleasure. If I can help you endorse your business in anyway, please feel free to let me know. You’ve been great. — Ryne Dorsey – Rallingford, CT