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dog drawings

  • Hand Drawn from Your Photos

    Starting at only $90 (see pricing)

    There is something special about a dog; they have the ability to fill our lives with unmatched joy. As an animal lover, I see and connect with individual characteristics in each animal that I draw.

    Every dog has their own energy and essence – from the look in their eyes, to the brush of their fur, to the way they may sit or stand. In my dog drawings, I pay close attention to detail while bringing out the personality of the dog.

    Commissioning an original dog drawing in pencil is a wonderful way to honor and celebrate your dog.

    Custom Dog Drawings start @ $90 Contact me to get started!
















What My Clients Say…

…As soon as my father saw it he started crying. He was incoherent he was crying so hard. You did a great job. One of my dogs, Goober, growled at the painting. I think he thought it was a a real dog. I will get back in touch with you when we decide on who to paint next. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! — Alex Strain – McLean, VA