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Custom Pet Paintings featured post

Custom Pet Paintings

Dog, cat & horse paintings created from your photo with oil on canvas.

Custom Pet Drawings featured post

Custom Pet Drawings

Dog, cat & horse drawings created from your photo in graphite on paper.

Custom Paintings featured post

Custom Paintings

Custom oil paintings commissioned with your style and taste in mind.

Pet Portraits – Custom Paintings & Drawings

Dog Paintings - Dakota & ChrisPeople and their pets develop close emotional bonds that fill our hearts beyond measure and make our lives whole. The animal companions we share our lives with bring us joy and loyalty and are a constant friend at our feet. I specialize in custom, hand painted pet portraits and custom hand drawn pet portraits. As an animal lover myself, I see and connect with the distinct characteristics in the unique spirit of each pet that I paint or draw. I understand the importance in capturing the physical characteristics as well as the distinctive essence and personality within an animal’s eyes and soul. I believe my attention to detail and the quality of my pet paintings bring out the inherent personality of every animal I paint and draw. An original, custom pet portrait can be given as a one of a kind gift or is a beautiful way to remember a beloved pet that has passed away or honor a cherished pet.

Pet Drawings

dog drawings - MillieThere is something so delicate in a pencil drawing that perfectly captures an expressive moment in time. When I create a pet drawing, I pay careful attention to reflected light, highlights and shadows to create a smoothly realistic rendition of the animal. My pet drawings are simple compositions and they are quiet and calming to look at. The identity and uniqueness of an animal is found first in the eyes, and this is where I start every pet drawing. Once the eyes emanate their soul and presence on the paper, the rest of the drawing is a natural progression of sculpting tones, textures and shades as the image comes to life.



Pet Paintings

cat_paintings_dartanian_painting_showAll of my portraits, including my pet paintings, are done in oils. Oil paints involve pigments mixed and bound together with a medium of linseed oil. The medium of oil allows me to adjust the body, translucency and sheen of the paint, therefore adding expression to each brush stroke in the pet painting. Oils can take quite some time to dry which gives me the ability to layer and move the composition within the pet painting. I start every painting with the eyes. The eyes show the spirit within, and portrays the distinct personality of an animal. From there the painting grows as the personality of each subject reveals itself on the canvas.